emma buswell

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Compliments of the Floor, 2014
wood, paint, paper cups, filtered water

Open For Business, 2014
wood, paint, LED message board

I remember quite clearly the fuss they made over the complimentary tea and coffee.

Compliments of the Floor and Open For Business are recent works by artist Emma Buswell made in reaction to research undertaken during maxART's initial run. The works attempt to make apparent the genial facade in the day to day working relationships established in business operations. Drawing on experiences had in operating an art gallery from an environment typically foreign to it, the works meld two different approaches. Fusing an honest sensibility for the hand crafted with an aesthetic appropriated from the office floor which played host to the gallery, these works typify the initial iteration of the project maxART.

Compliments of the Floor interprets loosely the provided perks of corporate occupation. For the duration of the exhibition Run Artist Run, water will be provided free of charge to patrons, with each beverage accompanied by a paper cup home printed with the brand maxART. As a final parting gift and marketing tactic from the gallery, the hope is that visitors to this exhibition will take a lingering remnant of maxART's existence with them when they leave, to dispose of somewhere else.

Open for Business refers to tactics implemented in the advertisement of goods and services for sale. Exercising both the hand drawn and point of sale paraphernalia, the work seeks to invite speculation on what it means for an ARI to run as a business, and the types of audiences on offer for these services.

Both works were exhibited as part of the Run Artist Run exhibition at Paper Mountain Gallery in Perth. The exhibition centred on the Artist Run Initiative scene in Perth city.