emma buswell

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There is a sign at the entrance to the Wellington Street Bus Station in Perth that promises a better future city. It has a twin sister sign roughly 400 metres away on the opposite side of the Horseshoe Bridge. I walk past these signs nearly everyday on my way to and from work. Each day they remain the same, almost like fixed parallels to the surrounds they promise to demolish. Populated by a generically idyllic and unchanging people and filled to the brim with structures made in same vein as those new and excitingly odd angled buildings, they present a near future, one that is only slightly better than our own .

I remember the day a friend and I first stopped and looked at this advertisement for a quasi future. First we noticed the space in which we stood currently was reflected back at us in the sign. In the distance, where once stood the bus port now stood a host of glass fronted shop windows; an Apple Store, a cinema, a shop that maybe sold Nespresso. But discreetly hidden on a level two future property there glimmered what appeared to be an Anish Kapoor work, inside a gallery. So this future included art too?

What would happen if sites for future public artworks could be advertised too, like the development of a new shopping precinct or an upgrade for a train station? Rendered permanent and monumentalised within an anonymous artists impression of a maybe future existed a realm of potentialities and spaces for real world artworks to take up residence. The following images consolidate an attempt to visualise an impression of what these potential works might look like, and their agency within the sites they would seek to occupy.

Each time this page is refreshed, a new hypothetical public artwork will appear.